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EVE Time: 2018-07-25 21:28:44

Alliances Breakdown (3)

Alliance Name Count
Unaffiliated / No Alliance Unaffiliated / No Alliance 10
La Division Bleue La Division Bleue 1
Terran Confederation. Terran Confederation. 1

Corporations Breakdown (10)

Corporation Name Count
Caldari Provisions Caldari Provisions 2
Zima Corporation Zima Corporation 2
Brutor Tribe Brutor Tribe 1
Center for Advanced Studies Center for Advanced Studies 1
Deep Core Mining Inc. Deep Core Mining Inc. 1
Forschung und Entwicklung. Forschung und Entwicklung. 1
Palladio Labs Palladio Labs 1
Science and Trade Institute Science and Trade Institute 1
Star Templar's Corporation Star Templar's Corporation 1
World-Slayer World-Slayer 1

Pilots Breakdown (12)

Name Alliance Corporation
Bala Gi III Bala Gi III Deep Core Mining Inc. DCMI
Fray Havoc Fray Havoc Caldari Provisions CP
Selesta Min Selesta Min Zima Corporation Z.COR
Bala Lazarus Bala Lazarus Center for Advanced Studies CAS
Hrly Hrly Palladio Labs PLLAB
Jerome Isagar Jerome Isagar Brutor Tribe B
Obiliee Alvestrasza Obiliee Alvestrasza Terran Confederation. TC. Forschung und Entwicklung. TCFUE
Nathan Approves Nathan Approves Science and Trade Institute STI
Isaac Utama Isaac Utama Caldari Provisions CP
Vero Ikkala Vero Ikkala La Division Bleue LDB Star Templar's Corporation STCFR
Mico Hita Mico Hita Zima Corporation Z.COR
Nobodies Minion Nobodies Minion World-Slayer WSLAY